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Comprehensive Eye Exams Arlington Heights, IL, including School Eye Exams & Vision Screening


Northwest Eye Physicians offer comprehensive eye exams that range from simple eye chart readings to high-powered lens examinations to evaluate your eyes’ health. Some of the most common tests that your eye doctor may use to examine your eyes include:

• Refraction Vision Correction Testing
This is the test that is used to determine your exact eye prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses. Depending on the clarity of various lens options, our staff will fine-tune your required prescription power. Refraction determines your level of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.
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• Slit-Lamp Examination
The slit lamp is an instrument that allows the doctor to get a highly magnified image of the eye’s structures including the lids, cornea, iris and optic nerve. Signs of infection or disease are detected with this exam.

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• Glaucoma Test
There are many different tests that can be used to evaluate the presence of glaucoma. Their purpose is to measure the pressure inside the eye. The painless “puff of air” test analyzes the resistance of the eye to an external air puff. Your doctor may also choose to use an applanation tomometer which requires an eye drop for comfort. This test manually measures the eye’s pressure. Both tests are painless.

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• Dilation
Dilating drops are drops that your eye doctor puts in your eyes to make the pupils larger. This gives the doctor a better view of the internal structures of the eye. The pupil is like a window to the inside of the eye. Dilating drops usually take about 20 to 30 minutes to start working. While they are working, you will be sensitive to light and may notice a difficulty in focusing on close-up objects. These effects may last for up to several hours. We have temporary sunglasses for you to use if you do not have your own!

Comprehensive Eye Exams at Northwest Eye Physicians
Northwest Eye Physicians administer comprehensive eye exams to help improve your vision and protect your eyes from potential health issues. Our ophthalmologists are devoted to our patients and ensure that they receive the best eye care. We are here to answer any questions our patients have and do everything to help our patients to feel comfortable throughout their examination.

If you currently wear glasses or contact lenses, you will need to bring them to your appointment. Our doctors will check your current prescription to make sure it is still accurate. Our eye examinations typically take about an hour.

Comprehensive Eye Exams with an Arlington Heights, IL Eye Care Center | Vision Screening in Cook, DuPage and Lake County

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