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School Eye Exams Arlington Heights, IL

Northwest Eye Physicians know how important vision is to the learning process.  Your child’s ability to learn depends greatly on having an annual exam to ensure that their vision is accurate.  Children’s eyes should be examined before they enter preschool.  Annual eye exams for children are crucial for detecting vision problems or eye diseases that can impact their learning.

What are common signs that my child has a vision problem?
There are many indicators that your child may have a problem with their vision and common signs include:

  • Chronic eye infections
  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Getting similar words confused
  • Headaches
  • Lack of attention
  • Poor school performance
  • Sitting very close to the TV
  • Squinting

Schools and pediatricians will typically perform an eye screening, but this is not a substitute for a full eye exam.  There are some vision problems that cannot be detected by a simple vision screening.
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How often should my child have an eye exam?
If your child has not had to have their vision corrected, we recommend that they have an exam every two years.  If your child needs glasses or contacts, we recommend that your child have an annual eye exam to more closely monitor their vision for any changes.


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